Individual E-commerce Solutions

Customer loyalty and increased sales through an optimal shop experience

From the experience of deepscreen customers

up to 60

more B2B & B2C customers

Your expertise in the foreground

Web shop as unique as your offer

Unser Spezialistenteam erstellt individuelle Webshops entsprechend Ihrer Expertise und Ihrem Sortiment.

  • Modular
  • Flexible
  • User friendly

How do I help customers complete the purchasing process more easily and quickly?

How is our offer visible and recognizable?

How can you differentiate between private and business customers in the shop?

Can we offer different prices and promotions per customer group?

With our individual shop solution
can you do that and more!

From the experience of deepscreen customers

up to 30

more sales in the quarter

In a joint analysis, we determine which functionalities make your processes efficient and at the same time satisfy the customers.

Online shop and more: features that make the difference

Conception and development of an individual solution in a professional shop system

Automatic calculation of different VAT depending on the product group

Direct connection to your existing online channels (inventory management, website, PIM, etc.)

Linking the B2B and B2C segments in one shop

Selection of the order unit
(Piece, box, pallet) as required

Creation of different customer groups with individual pricing and conditions

Data security and resource reduction through automation





From the experience of deepscreen customers

up to 80

Reduction of the susceptibility to errors

Agile work:

Great potential for expansion

Current and consistent data

Integrated with an easy-to-maintain CMS as well as other systems for product and inventory management, the professional shop system offers an all-encompassing shop solution.

Networking the online shop with the world

Once activated, your online shop is not alone. By linking it to other platforms, it is placed in a broader context and can be found by your customers in different ways.

From the experience of deepscreen customers

up to 80

more satisfaction in the project

Agile work:

Determination of the user benefits

Flexible and transparent project implementation

In order to perceive all correlations, your requirements are defined in the form of user-oriented user stories, which can also be expanded during the project. In this way we create flexible and transparent cooperation in a dynamic environment.

Reference projects


Solution - B2B & B2C shop

60 More B2B customers
40 More B2C customers

Traser Watches

Solution - B2B & B2C shop

60 More B2C customers


Solution - B2B & B2C shop

60 More B2B customers
40 More B2C customers


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deepscreen is a full-service web agency that has been offering a comprehensive range of digital business solutions for 18 years. Always with new professional technologies and innovations, we develop unique individual web solutions for your business. Does your company need a new digital presence, an individual system for product data management or a scalable e-commerce platform? Then we are the right partner for you.



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