In cooperation with the deepscreen team, the market leader in doping control and temperature monitoring solutions has built a new and future-proof website



1. Increasing Brand Awareness

Sharpening the Brand Image

New key visuals, designed according to the customer's ideas and wishes as well as to the Berlinger brand image, strengthen the appearance and the recognizability of the brand.


Eventful Customer Journey

Improving the User Guidance

Well thought-out content structure is based on the customer's point of view, so that he can intuitively understand all content and correlations between pages and be able to always easily take the next step in the communication process.


Exciting Customer Experience

Digital Product Promotion

Faithful and convincing product presentation accentuates the application and the benefits of the product, bringing the offer closer to the visitor and facilitating his purchase decision.

Facts & Figures
What did we achieve?

200 %
more sessions & users
30 %
more pageviews
longer session duration
101 %
more joy!

Sharpening the Brand Image

Visual Language in the Berlinger Style

Using the agile approach, deepscreen and Berlinger team created the key visuals together.

We carefully selected motifs, symbols and graphic elements in order to develop a unique visual language for each Berlinger area.

The result: an exclusive and recognizable appearance in the spirit of the company, an emotional approach to website visitors and a creative, inspiring collaboration.

Key Visuals - Presentation


Intuitive User Guidance

Structure in the Service of Usability

The complexity of the Berlinger platform with different industries and specific offers required special attention to the website structure.

When planning and developing the navigation concept, we were guided by the customer's point of view in order to enable good communication with the users of the website.

Flawless content display on all browsers and end devices enables the visitor to move easily through the page and to find all information quickly.

Intuitive CTA buttons prompt the visitor to take the next logical step in the communication and to the desired action.

The result: The satisfied visitor is converted to a customer.

Two Berlinger Worlds under One Roof

When creating the concept, we paid special attention to the relevant presentation of two different Berlinger industries: For every visitor, regardless of whether they are interested in doping control or temperature monitoring, the entire platform must be clear so that they can always find the right piece of information.


Digital Product Promotion

Reaching Customers with the Suitable Presentation

Understandable and convincing presentation of Berlinger products is an important part of the concept.

Our common goal was to present areas of application, benefits and technical details of all products in a clear and informative manner.

Clever User Guidance toward the Action

The information-rich product page encourages the visitor in different ways to get involved, compare products and send inquiries.

In this way, he becomes inspired to take the next steps in the conversion process. The visitor converts to the customer and the customer becomes a brand ambassador.

Customer Education

Through customer education, we accentuate the value of the product. The visitor gets to know the product and its advantages and discovers the added value for himself. This influences his buying decision significantly.

The Final Purchase Decision

Placing the call-to-action button close to the product advantages, we made it easier for the visitor to make a final purchase decision.

Process Illustration

Complex Temperature Control Solutions Explained Visually

With the visual representation of the process chain from the temperature monitoring area, we brought a complex operational process closer to the visitor.

Deepscreen impresses us with targeted, customer-oriented rebranding, which exudes a wonderful lightness and modernity. We have received a lot of positive feedback on the new website, which is no longer just product-oriented, but rather refers to our Berlinger services and benefits.

During the entire project, Deepscreen acted as a productive sparring partner who brought in many valuable suggestions and inputs.

Deborah Koster
Berlinger Team

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